Infographic | IoT and Patient Engagement: How IoT is Defining Three Es of Engagement


This infographic explains how IoT is defining patient engagement,benefits and challenges to Iot.

Infographic Summary:

  • IoT is any connected device which may aid in communication ,collection and care to deliver better patient outcomes.
  • Patient engagement is about personalized medicine.
  • Enable.empower and engage are the three Es of engagement in healthcare.
  • The IoT market is expected to grow from $32 billion in 2015 to $173 billion by 2020,at a compound annual growth rate of 38.1%.
  • In US,about 3.3m fitness trackers were sold by 2014.
  • Preventive treatment,personalized medicine,and reduced costs are the benefits of IoT.
  • Some challenges to IoT are lack of awareness,privacy & security,data interoperability,and strict regulatry requirements.


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